Playful and uncanny, wild and magical – once again the Junge Oper am Rhein’s progamme is full of variety.  In Düsseldorf Cornelia Funke’s ‘Geisterritter’ premieres as part of the joint co-operation Junge Opern Rhein Ruhr with Oper Dortmund and Theater Bonn while ‘Ronja Räubertochter’ and her illustrious band of robbers move on to Theater Duisburg. At the same time the successful mobile production ‘Nils Karlsson Däumling’ will continue to tour childcare centres in Duisburg and Düsseldorf, providing children with an imaginative first taste of the exciting world of music theatre in a familiar setting.

We offer a range of school-based and non-school-based projects to develop independent creativity by young people between the ages of four and 28. Our programme aims to enable all those who are young or remain young to immerse themselves in the worlds of music theatre and dance. The power that music is able to release inside us is one of the most beautiful and joyous experiences we can have. To assume a different role through acting frees us from ourselves for a moment and enables us to see the world from another perspective. To perform theatre, to sing and dance together – and to exist entirely in the moment while doing so – are intense experiences that stimulate people and make their lives richer.


Junge Oper am Rhein
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