Bühne Opernhaus Düsseldorf


No performances until May 31st, 2020

After consultation with the local authorities, the Deutsche Oper am Rhein will cancel further performances in Düsseldorf and Duisburg until May 31st, 2020. In addition to numerous repertoire performances, this also applies to the last two premieres planned for this season: the ballet program b.44, which would have been the last production of Ballett am Rhein under the direction of Martin Schläpfer and Remus Şucheană, is canceled. The opera premiere of Verdi's “Macbeth” planned for May 29th is postponed to a later date. This means that the performances of "b.44" and "Macbeth" scheduled for June cannot take place either.

In consultation with the Freundeskreis der Deutschen Oper am Rhein, the opera gala will also be canceled on June 19th.

Since school trips are forbidden until the end of the school year according to the decree of the Ministry of Culture, all performances of "Gold", "Ronja Robber's Daughter" and "Magic Flute for Children" are also dropped.

If you have tickets for a performance affected by the cancellation, we will contact you for the refund. Of course, we would be particularly happy if you could decide to donate the ticket price or part of it to the Deutsche Oper am Rhein – just let us know when we contact you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Deutsche Oper am Rhein