Through our schedules in Internet tickets for our events can be ordered and/or bought conveniently online. Next to the date of the event you will find a Euro symbol; click on this and you will be led to a website page headed “Karten hier direkt kaufen” (buy tickets directly here) in our webshop. You can obtain your tickets there directly, paying by credit card or account debit – in this connexion all details of buyer, order and payment (SSL) are stored and processed only in code). Alternatively you may use this page to select “Karten reservieren”, and reserve your tickets by E-mail. Please do not enter any credit card details into this E-mail form.


The simplest and fastest way to a ticket: on our webshop page you also have the option “Print@home”. By selecting this you can find the vacant seat you want and simply print your own ticket for that very seat. As soon as the process of buying is completed, then the ticket (provided that you have the Acrobat Reader of Adobe ©) will be placed at your disposal as a pdf file. We recommend making a printout of the ticket immediately and storing the pdf file on your hard-disk with the help of the Acrobat Reader. If you have provided a valid E-mail address, you will also receive the ticket details as a pdf file by E-mail. Please note however that it is not possible to give you a travel chit for the VRR transport network in connexion with tickets obtained by “Print@home”. Please also take note of the information given in our webshop.


If you give us your bank details when reserving by telephone, we will debit your account accordingly and send you the tickets directly without postal charge.

WRITTEN ORDERS (E-Mail, Fax or letter)

Written orders – by E-Mail, Fax or Letter – will be processed in the order received. We will send you the ordered tickets, subject to availability, after having obtained payment from your account by direct withdrawal. A different procedure is regrettably not possible. Please do NOT inform us, whether by Email, by fax or by letter, of your credit card details.


Tickets which you reserve in advance can be held pending payment for not more than 10 days after receiving your order. Tickets to be picked up at the evening box-office on the day of the performance can only be held for you after payment in advance.


If we send you your tickets by post (standard stamp rate), we will charge you a mailing fee of € 2.50 for this service (including cost of postage stamp).


All ticket prices given are final all-inclusive totals including a processing fee of 8%. IMPORTANT: Tickets as bought hereinunder cannot be returned.