Programme your own season

Programme your own season – it can be done with our eight-ticket combination, the successor to our choice subscription. You can obtain a set of eight vouchers for a chosen seat price area in Opernhaus Düsseldorf or in Theater Duisburg, which you can present in exchange for tickets for any performances in the current season (except premières, New Year’s Eve, special events and performances by guesting companies).


— eight vouchers valid for any performances of your choice except premières, special events, guest performances by other companies and New Year’s Eve

— you can use them as you wish, one each for eight different performances, the two of you on four visits, a group of eight on the same day, and so on

— vouchers remain valid all through the season for which you buy them

— sorry, they cannot be prolonged into the next season

— if you have used up all eight before the season ends, you can always buy eight more

— we will automatically post you free of charge the performance schedules for the whole season if you have bought an eight-voucher set

— EXTRA: for the entire season for which you have bought an eight-voucher set you are entitled to a 15% reduction on any tickets for any performances of Deutsche Oper am Rhein and Ballett am Rhein which you may care to visit, including premières (but not including New Year’s Eve, special events and guest performances of other companies).

With an eight-ticket voucher combination, which you can buy both at the daily and at the evening box-office at any time, you can choose between six different price categories at either house from 108 euros up (Opernhaus Düsseldorf) or 80 euros (Theater Duisburg). You can use them by choice at either house, and if there is as a result a price difference between the voucher value and the seat price, you can be offered a seat which tallies better with the voucher value; in any case you can always opt for a more expensive seat if you pay the difference between its price and the voucher value.


By this option your eight-voucher combination does not entail sending you printouts of the vouchers, which are monitored by our ticket data system instead. When redeeming them against tickets for the performances you have chosen, you only need to phone our ticket service (Düsseldorf: + 49 (0) 211. 89 25-211 / Duisburg: + 49 (0) 203.940 77 77) and we will send you the tickets free of mailing charge – or you can obtain them just the same at our opera shops.


— eight vouchers for a fixed lumpsum of 72 euros

— valid both for Opernhaus Düsseldorf and for Theater Duisburg

— can be redeemed for tickets in any price category, as from the first day of booking until the last day of the season (not valid for premières, special events, New Year’s Eve and guest performances by other companies)

— offers otherwise all the same advantages as the regular eight-ticket combination

— available to all attending schools and any places of higher education, all professional apprentices and all working in the Federal Voluntary Service organization or performing national service in the form of the Voluntary Social Year who have not reached the age of 28 (appropriate identification/authorization cards must be shown, whether on demand or not, when entering the theatre at any of the performances concerned).

Choice Subscription Düsseldorf: (8 vouchers)
Seating Categories Prices
B 360,00 €
C 324,00 €
D 276,00 €
E 220,00 €
F 164,00 €
G 108,00 €
Choice Subscription Duisburg (Opera and Ballet): (8 vouchers)

Seating Categories Prices
B 240,00 €
C 208,00 €
D 184,00 €
E 152,00 €
F 120,00 €
G 80,00 €

Young Choice Subscription*: For Düsseldorf Opera House or Duisburg Theater (Opera or Ballet) (8 vouchers)
* for schoolchildren, students and trainees under 28 years

Subscription Order
Seating Categories Prices
B - G72,00


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