Entry at half price for opera and ballet: tickets with a 50% reduction are available to all attending schools and any places of higher education, all professional apprentices and all working in the Federal Voluntary Service organization or performing national service in the form of the Voluntary Social Year, who have not reached the age of 28 (appropriate identification/authorization papers and cards must be shown, whether on demand or not, when entering the theatre at any of the performances concerned).

Those disabled from 70% invalidity upwards, and if their disablement papers carry the letter B (Begleitperson = accompanying person) also their attendants, can be granted a reduction of 50% on the ticket price.

Those receiving unemployment benefit, including Unemployment Benefit Class II, and persons receiving minimum income subsidy by reason of age or incapacity or similar social help, classifying them as social support receivers, can be granted a reduction of 50% on the price of individual tickets.

Note: premières, special events, New Year’s Eve and guest appearances of visiting companies are excepted from these reductions. Tickets already obtained cannot be reduced in retrospect. It is not permissible to make combinations of more than one of these reductions. It is requested, on entering the theatre, to have the appropriate identification documents proving qualification for such reductions ready for presentation, for example one’s student pass card. If such papers are not presented on request, the theatre reserves the right to claim repayment of the sum of the reduction.


Those attending schools and places of higher education, apprentices, and volunteers in the Federal Volunteer Services or serving a Voluntary Social Year, who have not reached the age of 28, can obtain “Last Minute Tickets” for 9 euros at the evening box-offices in Düsseldorf and Duisburg as from 60 minutes before curtain-up, for as long as supplies last. This offer is not valid for premières, special events or New Year’s Eve, and is not possible if the performance in question is already sold out.


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