Deutsche Oper am Rhein
Düsseldorf Duisburg

Opera Shop Düsseldorf Heinrich-Heine-Allee 24
40213 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49(0)211.13 37 37
Fax. +49(0)211. 89 29-440

Opening Times:
Mon - Sat: 10.00 - 17.00h

Box Office Duisburg Opernplatz
47051 Duisburg
Tel. +49(0)203.57 06 - 850
Fax +49(0)203.57 06 - 851

Opening Times:
Mo - Fr: 10.00 - 18.30h
Sa: 10.00 - 18.00h

Subscriptions 2014/15

Our Offers


As a subscriber you are a guest with a difference. You witness unique performances of opera or ballet, you are familiar with the members of our company and the various rôles they perform, you see our dancers in a wide range of choreography. You accompany us with praise and criticism and animate us into many a new idea. And we want you to keep faith with us and to take out a new subscription.


— You as a subscriber save real money, up to half of what the general public pays!

— If you want to bring friends or relations with you or to see a performance which is not in your subscription, you save the equivalent of the administrative costs, 15% of the full price, on each ticket for any performance, including premières, though not including New Year’s Eve, special events or guest performances of visiting companies.

— You know your schedule for the whole of the season and can enter the dates firmly into your personal diary. If you unexpectedly cannot attend, twice per season you can exchange the planned date for any other performance, except for premières, New Year’s Eve, special events or guest performances of visiting companies.

— With fixed seat subscriptions you can be sure of having your favourite seat, which will be allotted to nobody else on the days of your subscription schedule.

— The tickets in your subscription are transferable – on days when you do not yourself see the performance you subscribed for, it is perfectly in order if you allow somebody else to use your ticket.

— We send you the monthly performance schedules by post free of charge, and you can also subscribe to our regular newsletters.


Recommend us to others: get people to subscribe as you do, acquaintances, friends, family or simply people of whom you know that they like opera and/or ballet. Exclusive rewards await subscribers who win other subscribers for us -

— one free ticket
— a gift voucher for 20% of the value of the subscription you have won

from won subscriptions worth 100 Euros (Duisburg) or 175 Euros (Düsseldorf) upwards
— a guided stage tour behind the scenes

from subscriptions worth 250 Euros (Duisburg) or 300 Euros (Düsseldorf) upwards
— special chance to see a real performance from behind the scenes and from the wings

We also raffle a very special evening once a season.
— two free tickets for any performance of your choice (except premières, New Year’s Eve, special events and guest performances of visiting companies)
— Chauffeur service before and after the performance
— Sekt for two on the way to the theatre


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