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A subscription contract is created when the Deutsche Oper am Rhein receives a personally signed order - unless the Deutsche Oper am Rhein explains in writing within 14 days that it cannot accept the contract. These terms and conditions for subscriptions are part of that contract. The Terms of Business also apply to subscriptions when these are not governed by any specific rules.

The subscription applies for an entire season, it cannot be cancelled at an earlier date. It will be renewed automatically for a further season, if notice is not given by 31st May of the current season (this does not apply to Classic, Double subscriptions and 8- / 6- / Young 4-Tickets).

The subscription is transferable.

Changes may be made to the programme, date and cast. In the case of a performance being cancelled due to force majeure or missed by the subscriber, no replacement will be made. If there is no performance due to an internal strike, the Deutsche Oper am Rhein will make its best endeavours to offer a replacement performance. If this is not possible, as a rule the entry price will be refunded in the form of an exchange voucher (valid for performances during the current season). Such decisions will be made on a case by case basis by the theatre management.

If sheduled performances cannot be attended, the subscriber may exchange performances up to twice per season. The possibility of exchange does not apply to special subscriptions with other managements (such as the Double and Classic subscriptions). In the event of an exchange, the subscription ticket must be presented to the Subscription Service at least one working day (Monday to Friday by midday) before the performance which cannot be attended. The Subscription Service in the relevant Opernshop will then issue a voucher in the appropriate seating category, which entitles the subscriber to attend a different performance. This must be used for a performance in the current season. Afterwards it ceases to be valid. The voucher can be used in the usual advanced sales procedure. A specific performance and specific price category is not guaranteed. If no seats are available in the correct price category when the voucher is presented, it is possible to choose a higher price category for an additional charge. If a lesser price category is chosen, no refund is available. Lost vouchers cannot be replaced. Vouchers cannot be used for tickets for premieres, New Year’s Eve, visiting productions and special events. An exchange can no longer be made if the subscription ticket is presented late.

The Subscriber Identity Card will be held ready for collection from the Subscription Service of the subscriber’s choice before the season begins. In other cases the Subscriber Identity Card will be posted free of charge. The risk of non-delivery is borne by the subscriber. The Identity Card has the dates of the sheduled performances for the coming season marked on it. For subscription series with eight performances (Düsseldorf only) seven performances are fixed in the shedule and the eighth can be selected as you wish on presentation of the Subscriber Identity Card for a performance during the season (not including premieres, New Year’s Eve, special events and visiting productions). For subscription series with seven performances in Duisburg (except the Premiere Subscription) six performances are fixed and the seventh can be selected as you wish on presentation of the Subscriber Identity Card for a performance during the season (not including premieres, New Year’s Eve, special events and visiting productions). For mixed subscriptions with four performances by the Deutschen Oper am Rhein, three performances are fixed and the fourth can be selected as you wish on presentation of the Subscriber Identity Card for a performance by the Deutsche Oper am Rhein during the season (not including premieres, New Year’s Eve, special events and visiting productions). The Subscriber Identity Card entitles the holder to free return travel on the day of the performance using on all services run by the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (Deutsche Bahn, Regionalbahn, 2nd class).

You have a choice between paying the entire amount in one single payment or paying in instalments by direct debit (Lastschrift): The total amount must be paid in full by 15th October or in either 2 instalments (Düsseldorf: 15th October / 15th March) or 4 instalments (Duisburg: 15th October / 15th December / 15th March / 15th June) by arranging the appropriate direct debit. When paying by direct debit (only possible with a completed SEPA-compatible authorization): if payment falls due on a Sunday or bank holiday, your account will be charged on the next working day.

Changing the method of payment is only possible before the 31st May each year. All payments should be made to the Deutsche Oper am Rhein account. The details are as follows: IBAN DE44300501100010160463 at Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf BIC DUSSDE DDXXX. It is not possible to pay in cash at the Opernshops. Your customer number will be displayed on your subscription invoice (dispatched together with Subscriber Identity Card). The Deutsche Oper am Rhein reserves the right to reallocate the seat until either the full amount or the relevant instalment has been paid.

Changes of name, address and where relevant bank account should be communicated to the Subscription Service in writing. This is necessary to ensure all relevant information is passed on at the right time in future.

The data you provide is stored solely for the purpose of our contractual relationship (§ 28 paragraph 1 page 1 No. 1 Federal Data Protection Act) and for information about our own products. It shall not be passed to third parties. You have the right to forbid the storage of your data at any time (as far as this is possible under applicable law). The responsible party under The Federal Data Protection Act is the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Heinrich-Heine-Allee 16a, 40213 Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf, March 2014


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