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Family Guided Tour

A journey of discovery: treading unfamiliar paths, getting to know new places, being transported into another world ….

On Sunday mornings families may explore Düsseldorf’s opera house or the theatre in Duisburg. You get to know parts of the building closed to the public – the backstage area, the costume depot, the make-up studio. And then it’s do it yourself! Stage-acting and musicmaking let you conjure up a new world in the rehearsal rooms and discover the important facts about the imminent children’s production. Make sure of your tickets in good time!

Tickets available only in advance.
5,00 € / reduced rate 3,00 €

Duration: about 1 ½ hours
Su | 06.10.13 | 11.00 Familienführung Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Su | 13.10.13 | 11.00 Familienführung Theater Duisburg
Su | 03.11.13 | 11.00 Familienführung Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Su | 01.12.13 | 11.00 Familienführung Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Su | 05.01.14 | 11.00 Familienführung Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Su | 12.01.14 | 11.00 Familienführung Theater Duisburg
Su | 02.02.14 | 11.00 Familienführung Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Su | 09.02.14 | 11.00 Familienführung Theater Duisburg
Su | 06.04.14 | 11.00 Familienführung Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Su | 13.04.14 | 11.00 Familienführung Theater Duisburg
Su | 04.05.14 | 11.00 Familienführung Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Su | 11.05.14 | 11.00 Familienführung Theater Duisburg
Su | 01.06.14 | 11.00 Familienführung Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Su | 08.06.14 | 11.00 Familienführung Theater Duisburg

Family Opera Workshop

In this season a very special children’s opera première is scheduled, because “about the girl who would not sleep” (vom Mädchen, das nicht schlafen wollte) is a world first! Before the curtain goes up on the world première, children from 8 upwards and their parents will already be able to have an exclusive preview of the work. In a family opera workshop they can be immersed in the story, the music and the production by their own interactive contribution. The families themselves will have a creative function in this and can “pester” the artists with their questions. Afterwards children and parents can watch a stage rehearsal together and gain an insight into how music, acting and settings fall into place to make an integral operatic performance. Attendance is free of charge!

At a musical reading in the literature centre Müller & Böhm in the Heine House, author Martin Baltscheit will introduce his libretto personally with the support of artists of the opera company. Known also as the popular presenter of the “Barenbude” (bears’ den) in West German Radio’s Fifth Programme, Baltscheit, who lives in Düsseldorf, is one of the most successful authors of children’s books in Germany. Amongs his awards was the 2011 German Youth Literature prize for “The Story of the Fox that lost its Mind”, while a year earlier his play “The Better Forests” was awarded the German Youth Theatre Prize. His partner is another prizewinner, the Berlin composer Marius Felix Lange, who recently premièred his “Snow White” in Cologne and Strasbourg and is at present working on “The Canterville Ghost” for the Zürich opera. The two partners will present their “girl who would not sleep” at a preview in the literature centre Müller & Böhm in the Heine House before the Düsseldorf première. With the support of soloists of Deutsche Oper am Rhein they will perform excerpts from their family opera to paint a lively picture of what to expect from the new children’s piece.

Tu | 11.02.14 | 18.00 Family Opera Workshop Theater Duisburg
Su | 15.06.14 | 11.30 Musikalische Lesung: "Vom Mädchen, das nicht schlafen wollte" Heine Haus
Tu | 24.06.14 | 18.30 Family Opera Workshop Opernhaus Düsseldorf

Patronage Projects

Become patrons of our operas and ballets! These enthusiastically propagated activities explain all the salient points of the piece to be performed shortly and how it came to be written. A tour behind the scenes gives you a lungful of theatre atmosphere and tells you what it needs to put together the staging of an opera or a ballet. In practical workshops you yourselves will become creative: your own musicmaking and acting immerses you in the piece. You could have a chance to look over the shoulders of the experts at work in rehearsal, culminating in a visit together to a final dress rehearsal or a première …

Meetings take place every week for about six weeks before the première, for exact dates and times please phone 0211.89 25-457 or mail

Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse
November / December 2013 – Opernhaus Düsseldorf

Zauberflöte for children
October / November 2013 – Theater Duisburg

Vom Mädchen, das nicht schlafen wollte
January / February 2014 – Theater Duisburg
May / June 2014 – Opernhaus Düsseldorf

Briefing on Children’s Operas

Half an hour before any family or school class performance of "Vom Mädchen, das nicht schlafen wollte" and “Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse”, the public can attend a lecture talk in the foyer to learn the salient points about the piece in question.

Family Info Letter

All those who desire quarterly information about current pieces for families, or patronage and other such special projects can join our mailing list for postal or E-mail information (at present only in German):


Opera and Ballet Testers

Have you the faintest idea whether you like opera and ballet? Test it! Several times every season we invite you to join a group of people like yourself and to go to a performance together. Afterwards you can let us know by E-mail or Facebook what you thought of it. How can you become an opera tester? If you are between 16 and 28 years old, mail us at or become a fan at

Patronage Projects

If you want to become especially closely involved in one of our productions, you can become a patron of “Ballett am Rhein – b.16”, the new production of the “Magic Flute” or the world première of “Troll”. Through practical workshops, rehearsal attendance, peeps behind the scenes and contact with the artists you can obtain exclusive inside knowledge of the progress of the production concerned. As the culmination of each such project you can attend the final dress rehearsal.

Up to the première we meet about once a week. For exact dates and times please enquire at phone number 0211.89 25-457 or mail The projects from age 16 up are aimed above all at school classes. Dates are arranged together with the teachers concerned.

Ballett am Rhein – b.16
October / November 2013 – Theater Duisburg

Gegen die Wand
May / June 2014 – Theater Duisburg


Presentation of the Season

Not only music teachers: before the season starts we invite you to a presentation of the performance schedules and of feature offers surrounding our opera and ballet season. Afterwards you will be able to attend the final dress-rehearsals of our opening premières. Teachers from Düsseldorf desirous of attending the presentation more in advance of the first night are welcome to come to the earlier Duisburg presentation.
Participation free, booking by E-mail essential:

THEATER DUISBURG Wed. 18.9.2013, 17:00 h
afterwards: attendance at revival rehearsal of “Don Giovanni”
OPERNHAUS DÜSSELDORF Thur. 26.9.2013, 17:00 h
afterweards: attendance at the final rehearsal of “Luisa Miller”

Dress-rehearsal Attendance with Introduction

After introduction to a new production and its concomitant events it is possible to attend the dress-rehearsal of each production in the opera and ballet sectors. Details will be given in due course in our teacher circulars.
Participation free of charge, booking by E-mail essential:

Teacher Folders

For many of our currently scheduled opera and ballet evenings a folder is available that contains a theory section offering information about the works and a practical section with suggestions for the presentation of the music, the content and the staging or choreography respectively. The folder is given away with each group reservation at no extra cost (at present in German only)!

Teacher Info Letter

Four times per season we distribute information on current opera and ballet programmes of interest for a young public. We include reports on highlights, advance information on special projects, and invitations to attend dress rehearsals. Join our mailing list for post and E-mails. This service is in German only:

Advanced Workshops

There is no need to be shy of opera and ballet. In advanced workshops for teachers and instructors one can get to know an imminent new production and with it to feel at home in the genre. One is advised how to discuss the theme with pupils and is familiarized with activities behind the scenes in Opernhaus Düsseldorf or Theater Duisburg.
Participation free of charge, fixtures made ad hoc.


Preparation and Recapitulation

A visit to the opera or the ballet is always an event. But it is not always easy to find access to the music, content or staging or choreography respectively. In a practical workshop at school, pupils work out by means of their own creativity what the various facets of the piece they are to visit mean to them. After the performance we like to recapitulate with the pupils what struck them about the experience.
When connected to the visit of a school class to a performance, such preparation and recapitulation are service offers free of charge.

Conducted Tours for School Classes

The costume depot and the exciting technical functions of the stage are highlights of any tour of the Düsseldorf opera house building. If a school class is attending a performance, a backstage tour is offered as a bonus free of charge. If no performance is attended, a charge of 45,00 € per class is made.

Contact: Wilfried Schmerbach
Phone + 49 (0) 211 . 89 25-603

If a school class is attending a performance, a backstage tour is offered as a bonus free of charge. If no performance is attended, a charge of 3,00 € per schoolchild (primary school) bzw. 5,00 € per schoolchild (secondary school) is made.Please contact our colleague there.

Contact: Britta Fehlberg
Phone + 49 (0) 203 . 30 09-242

Professional Information

Running an opera house involves more than fifty professions. On certain appointed days we are glad to inform those interested in careers ranging from singing to marketing, and how to train for them and to study the material.
Advice is free of charge, please ask for an appointment.


For almost all performances of Deutsche Oper am Rhein and Ballett am Rhein there are reduced ticket prices for members of school classes, applying to available tickets.

OPERNHAUS DÜSSELDORF 8,00 € per schoolchild
THEATER DUISBURG 5,50 € per schoolchild
FOYER PRODUCTIONS 4,00 € per schoolchild

Vera Jokel
Phone + 49 (0) 211 . 89 25-328,
Fax + 49 (0) 211 . 89 25-365


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