Bruno Balmelli (Féri Bácsi), Cornel Frey (Boni Káncsiánu), Tänzerinnen und Tänzer | © Hans Jörg Michel
Die Csárdásfürstin
Emmerich Kálmán
Duration: about 2 ½ hours, one interval
Duration: about 2 ½ hours, one interval
Sylva Varescu knows that her relationship to Edwin Ronald von und zu Lippert-Weylersheim, son of a princely family in Vienna, has no future, because she is an unsuitable match for him. An involvement with a cabaret girl is not allowed in his family. Nevertheless Edwin loves Sylva and wants her to marry her spontaneously in the cabaret Orpheum in Budapest. But his father has already caught wind of his son’s involvement with the Hungarian cabaret star and has made plans to prevent their marrying. Edwin’s cousin General Eugen von Rohnsdorff turns up with military call-up papers for Edwin which his father got him to fake in order to make Edwin come home to his family. Edwin’s wedding with his cousin, Countess Stasi is also foreseen, and their engagement announcement comes from Eugen into the hands of Edwin’s old friend Boni. Edwin is unwilling to fall in with his father’s wishes, and before leaving hands openly gives Sylva a written promise of marriage. After Edwin has left the theatre, Boni shows Sylva Edwin’s engagement announcement to Stasi. Sylva is shattered, her dream seems to be broken.

Some weeks afterwards an engagement party for Edwin and Stasi is about to be held with all due pomp. Edwin is resigned to his fate and prepared to marry his cousin. He is unaware that Sylva, posing as Boni’s wife under the name of “Countess Káncsiánu”, is among the guests. Edwin still loves Sylva and begs his friend to give her her freedom. As by this subterfuge Sylva is accepted by society as a Countess, he believes that she is now a suitable match for him and he can avoid a clash with his family. Boni is meanwhile much more attracted to Edwin’s cousin Stasi, who responds to his wooing after a short hesitation, and he agrees to Edwin’s plan. But Sylva explodes the whole plot and reveals that she is the Hungarian cabaret star Sylva Varescu. She is determined to be loved for what she really is and she wants a man who is not ashamed of her. Before the eyes of Edwin and his family she tears up the promise of marriage, which until then had held good, and releases Edwin.

Deeply disappointed that Edwin had not had the courage to confess his love for a cabaret girl, Sylva is on her way home in the company of Boni and of her old friend Feri Bácsi. They try to cheer her up and to show her that her talent is meant for the stage and not for marriage. Boni decides to reunify Edwin and Sylva by a trick, so Boni is free to marry Stasi. Edwin appears and Sylva’s dream seems to come true.


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