Die Entführung aus dem Serail
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Duration: about 3 hourd, one interval
Duration: about 3 hourd, one interval
Act one
Three Europeans, captured by pirates and taken to exotic Turkey, have been sold to the wealthy Pasha Selim. The Spanish noblewoman Constanze has been placed in the pasha’ s seraglio, or harem; her English maid Blonde has been given as a gift by the pasha to the guardian of his harem Osmin; and the young servant Pedrillo has been made the pasha’s gardener. As the action begins, Constanze’ s Spanish fiance Belmonte has traced them to the pasha’s seaside palace. Upon his arrival, Belmonte encounters Osmin, and questions him about the whereabouts of Pedrillo. Osmin, who considers Pedrillo a rival for Blonde’ s affections, threatens Belmonte. When Osmin leaves, Pedrillo tells Belmonte that the pasha is in love with Constanze but will not force himself on her. This news makes Belmonte all the more anxious for an immediate reunion with Constanze. Pasha Selim enters with Constanze who explains to him that she cannot return his affection because she is still in love with her Spanish fiance. When Constanze leaves, Pedrillo introduces Belmonte to the pasha as a promising young architect. Intrigued, Selim arranges for a meeting the next day. Pedrillo and Belmonte follow Selim into the palace.

Act two
In the palace garden, the feisty Blonde tells Osmin that he must treat women with tenderness and flattery, and she easily faces him down when he tries to order her around. In another part of the garden, Constanze bemoans her sad fate and defies the pasha when he again asks her to marry him. Meanwhile, Pedrillo tells Blonde of Belmonte’ s arrival and their plot to carry the two ladies off that very night. Blonde hurries off to tell Constanze the happy news.

Act three
Belmonte appears below Constanze’ s window, putting his faith in the power of love. Just before midnight, Pedrillo puts a ladder to the window and sings a serenade as the signal to escape. But the noise wakens Osmin who captures the couples, savoring their imminent hanging. When the pasha arrives, Selim recognizes Belmonte as the son of his greatest enemy. Constanze and Belmonte prepare themselves for certain death, but the pasha surprises them by freeing both couples in a magnanimous gesture. Impressed by Selim’ s great generosity, the couples and the pasha’s subjects praise his wisdom and clemency.


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