Romana Noack (Sylva Varescu), Tänzer | © Hans Jörg Michel
Die Csárdásfürstin
Emmerich Kálmán
Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Friday, 05. December 2014
19:30 - 22:00 hours
/ Revival

Duration: about 2 ½ hours, one interval
14,50 - 67,50 € Abo. 18
Duration: about 2 ½ hours, one interval
“This is how operetta today should, must be staged! Despite rejecting costumes from the museum and historicizing cardboard scenery the optical effect was huge. A staging of unusually high quality”. Thus the praise of Peter Bilsing in the magazine “Opernfreund” for Joan Anton Rechi’s realization of Emmerich Kálmán's (1882-1953) operetta “Die Csárdásfürstin” in the delightful sets of Alfons Flores and the stylishly glamorous costumes of Sebastian Ellrich.

Revue star Sylva Varescu is in love with Edwin von und zu Lippert-Weylersheim, son of a Viennese prince, whose family has however forbidden him the unsuitable liaison. Sylva is hoping for a grand wedding and a quiet private life with her Edwin, but she knows from the start that the difference in social standing will be practically impossible to surmount.

This ambivalence between a transcendent desire to be happy together and the awareness that reality disallows it is Rechi’s starting-point for his staging. The distance between the high flights of love and its disappointments, between the intimacy of emotion and its treatment by others’ opinion are hardly in any other operetta as close to one another as they are in “Csárdásfürstin”. The text of the big opening number “Heia, where I come from is a mountain home” - (which she sings on stage for her cabaret public) – tell us everything about her personal sincerity: “If a Transsylvanian girl should offer you her heart, no flirtation, no evasion play the slightest part. If you only want amusement, go to others, count me out!” The entertainer warns the public not to play with her, but hides her vulnerability behind an ostensibly jolly, humorous tone, just as the earnest undertones of Kálmán’s operetta are hidden behind the swooning melodies and the Hungarian swagger and Viennese lilt of his rhythms.
Emmerich Kálmán
(The Czárdás Princess)

Operetta in three acts
Libretto by Leo Stein and Béla Jenbach

In German with German surtitles

Musikalische Leitung Patrick Francis Chestnut
Inszenierung Joan Anton Rechi
Bühne Alfons Flores
Kostüme Sebastian Ellrich
Choreographie Amelie Jalowy
Licht Volker Weinhart
Chorleitung Christoph Kurig
Dramaturgie Bernhard F. Loges
Fürst von und zu Lippert-Weylersheim Uwe Kramer
Anhilte Manuela Kunze
Edwin Bernhard Berchtold
Stasi Lavinia Dames
Graf Boni Káncsiánu Cornel Frey
Sylva Varescu Romana Noack
Feri Bácsi Bruno Balmelli
General Rohnsdorff Christian Bartels
Kiss, Notar Clemens Begritsch
Tänzerin Caterina Mascia, Sara Blasco Gutiérrez, Chih-Ying Ku-Gebert, Tina Vasilaki, Phaedra Pisimisi
Tänzer Bernardo Fallas, David Laera, Alexander Andreyev, Fernando Moraga, Jonas Tilly
Chor Chor der Deutschen Oper am Rhein
Orchester Düsseldorfer Symphoniker


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