Torben Jürgens (Figaro), Alma Sadé (Susanna) | © Hans Jörg Michel
Le nozze di Figaro
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Saturday, 27. June 2015
19:30 - 23:00 hours
/ For the last time

Duration: about 3 ½ hours, one interval
17,10 - 81,50 € Abo.+4 Online Tickets: 17,10 - 81,50 €
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Opernhaus Düsseldorf
June 2015
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Duration: about 3 ½ hours, one interval
“In ‘Figaro’s Wedding’ they are all so quick-witted”, thus one of the ten propositions with which Michael Hampe, one of the best-known and most experienced opera directors and theatrical managers, backs up his staging of Mozart’s opera buffa. He refers thereby to the attentiveness and nimble thinking written into text and music of the action of the comedy “Le nozze di Figaro” by Mozart (1756-1791) and his librettist Lorenzo da Ponte.

The two servants Figaro and Susanna want to marry and need the consent of their master Count Almaviva, and not only they have to show cunning and alertness in warding off the machinations of their lordly master; the Countess herself too, the page Cherubino, the housekeeper Marcellina, the litigant Dr. Bartolo, even Antonio the gardener complete with love-hungry young Barbarina, in this comedy they are all of them exposed to perpetual shifts from attack to defence, they all pursue their own interests and all of them have to suffer setbacks.

“Histrionically characterized with a sharpness touching physiology, observantly daemonic in its psychological insight, Mozart’s music lays all the depths of the human soul bare as if with a laser beam, revealing the heart beating beneath.” Michael Hampe does everything to afford an exemplary view of the genius of Mozart that pervades this play of many intrigues.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Opera buffa in four acts KV 492
Libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte

In Italian with German surtitles

Musikalische Leitung Axel Kober
Inszenierung Michael Hampe
Bühne und Kostüme German Droghetti
Licht Manfred Voss
Chorleitung Gerhard Michalski
Choreografie Michal Matys
Dramaturgie Hella Bartnig
Graf Almaviva Laimonas Pautienius
Gräfin Almaviva Sylvia Hamvasi
Susanna Luiza Fatyol
Figaro Torben Jürgens
Cherubino Maria Kataeva
Marcellina Marta Márquez
Basilio Bruce Rankin
Don Curzio Luis Fernando Piedra
Bartolo Sami Luttinen
Antonio Daniel Djambazian
Barbarina Anna Tsartsidze
Brautjungfer Diana Klee
Chor Chor der Deutschen Oper am Rhein
Orchester Düsseldorfer Symphoniker


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