Luiza Fatyol (Die Schleppträgerin), Maria Kataeva (Die Vertraute), Renée Morloc (Klytämnestra), Manfred Fink (Ein junger Diener) , Lukasz Konieczny (Ein alter Diener) | (c) Matthias Jung
Richard Strauss
Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Friday, 13. September 2013
19:30 - 21:15 hours

Duration: about 1 ¾ hours, no interval
17,10 - 81,50 € Abo.+2
Duration: about 1 ¾ hours, no interval
“Alone! Alas, all alone!” From the beginning Electra stands against the rest of the world, with nothing but her remembrance of Agamemnon. She has kept the axe with which her father was killed, and every day she recalls the scene of the murder. In this way she tears the wound open anew each time, waiting for her brother Orestes to come and to help her to murder their mother Clytæmnestra and her lover Ægisthus.

Hugo von Hofmannsthal wanted to restore the “horror of myth” with his “Elektra” poem, “to let shadows rise again out of the blood”. He saw his tragic figures in the function of “divers” which he let “sink into the depths of life” to open up “the circles of Hell”. Richard Strauss (1864-1949) found in him the fitting partner for a form of music-theatre in which he could let loose a torrent of feeling, agitation, love and hatred.

In co-operation with Grand Théâtre de Genève

Richard Strauss

Tragedy in one act
Text by Hugo von Hofmannsthal after Sophocles

In German with German surtitles

Musikalische Leitung Axel Kober
Inszenierung Christof Nel
Bühne Roland Aeschlimann
Kostüme Bettina Walter
Licht Susanne Reinhardt
Chorleitung Christoph Kurig
Szenische Analyse Martina Jochem
Klytämnestra Renée Morloc
Elektra Catherine Foster
Chrysothemis Morenike Fadayomi
Aegisth Wolfgang Schmidt
Orest Hans-Peter König
Der Pfleger des Orest David Jerusalem
Die Vertraute Charlotte Quadt
Die Schleppträgerin Aïsha Tümmler
Ein junger Diener Michael Pflumm
Ein alter Diener Lukasz Konieczny
Die Aufseherin Jessica Stavros
1. Magd Iryna Vakula
2. Magd Sarah Ferede
3. Magd Katarzyna Kuncio
4. Magd Elisabeth Selle
5. Magd Heidi Elisabeth Meier
Agamemnon Thorsten-Kai Botenbender
Chor Chor der Deutschen Oper am Rhein
Orchester Düsseldorfer Symphoniker


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