LUISA MILLER Andrej Dunaev (Rodolfo), Olga Mykytenko (Luisa) | © Hans Jörg Michel
Luisa Miller
Giuseppe Verdi
Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Saturday, 28. September 2013
19:30 - 22:15 hours
/ Premiere

Duration: about 2 ¾ hours, one interval
17,10 - 81,50 € Abo.+21
Duration: about 2 ¾ hours, one interval
“Luisa Miller” was the third time that Giuseppe Verdi (1813–1901) set a play by Friedrich Schiller to music. “Kabale und Liebe” was the result of his search for a play with a subject-matter of which the Naples censors were likely to approve. “It is a grand drama, full of passion and theatrically very effective”, wrote Verdi to his librettist Salvatore Cammarano. But their first task was to compress the Schiller manuscript into a libretto for an opera, not least because it needed to follow the demands both of the public and of the censors. As a result the theme shifted away from Schiller’s social criticism and more towards a domestic drama, the co-ordinates of which being to describe how all the characters project their own wishes on to each other and young Luisa is shoved to and fro between them like a doll.

Luisa, daughter of the military veteran Miller, is head over heels in love with Rodolfo, son of Count Walter. He is the embodiment of all her dreams. When she sings of him, her singing drifts into an ethereal world which has nothing to do with the poison and intrigue surrounding her. But Count Walter has already planned for his son Rodolfo a more eligible match with a young lady more suitable to his family. He enlists the aid of the estate steward Wurm, himself desirous of Luisa, to intrigue for the estrangement of the young lovers. Luisa’s father is arrested. To rescue him Luisa is compelled to write a purported love-letter to Wurm which is then passed into the hands of Rodolfo. The latter sees himself betrayed and resolves to poison the supposedly faithless Luisa and himself. Only as she dies is Luisa able to reveal the truth to Rodolfo.

Carlos Wagner’s staging, after a first showing in Duisburg in the summer of 2013, will open the season in Düsseldorf’s opera-house. For Luisa’s tragic story Wagner enlisted the collaboration of costume designer Christof Cremer and of set designer Kaspar Zwimpfer, whose impressive spatial creations for Britten’s “Peter Grimes” and “The Turn of the Screw” are fresh in the memory.
Giuseppe Verdi

Melodramma tragico in three acts
Libretto by Salvatore Cammarano
after the domestic tragedy “Kabale und Liebe” by Friedrich Schiller
In Italian with German surtitles

Musikalische Leitung Giordano Bellincampi
Inszenierung Carlos Wagner
Bühne Kaspar Zwimpfer
Kostüme Christof Cremer
Licht Volker Weinhart
Chorleitung Gerhard Michalski
Dramaturgie Bernhard F. Loges
Der Graf von Walter Thorsten Grümbel
Rodolfo Andrej Dunaev
Federica Susan Maclean
Wurm Sami Luttinen
Miller Boris Statsenko
Luisa Olga Mykytenko
Laura Iryna Vakula
Ein Bauer Cesar Dima
Chor Chor der Deutschen Oper am Rhein
Orchester Düsseldorfer Symphoniker


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