DEEP FIELD Martin Schläpfer | Ensemble | © Gert Weigelt
DEEP FIELD (Uraufführung) / Adriana Hölszky & Martin Schläpfer
Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Sunday, 01. June 2014
18:30 - 19:45 hours

Duration b.20: about 1 ¼ hours, no interval
14,50 - 67,50 € Abo.+7
Duration b.20: about 1 ¼ hours, no interval
DEEP FIELD (Uraufführung)
Adriana Hölszky & Martin Schläpfer

“DEEP FIELD” – endless room for connotations, touching on anything from reminders of territorial battlefields to the lure into the vast spaces of the universe. “The great dramas of humanity, struggles for power and tales of life and death, lost illusions and sorrows, finally pulverize themselves in the universe, words disappear, tones are left over, sound, mystery …” (Adriana Hölszky).

Martin Schläpfer had for many years sought intensive collaboration with a contemporary composer for the creation of a joint ballet evening. Just as George Balanchine worked with Igor Stravinsky, Paul Hindemith and others, Schläpfer envisages “a stronger link between the two art genres”, since (thus Schläpfer) “It is not just a question of gaining strength in performance, it is that the art of ballet needs music and vice versa”. He has now not only found in Adriana Hölszky a suitable partner for such an ambition, but also in a sense a “kindred soul”, because her scores, like Schläpfer’s ballets, are after all like seismographs, listening in on our time and, practically helpless in the face of its dangers and contradictions, its ruptures, emptinesses and longings, create works of art which (according to Reinhard Schulz) do not only effervesce with an application which listens cautiously in fear of fantasy, but are ‘first-hand’ music in the character of works staking out the fence around human existence”. Andrea Hölszky’s scores seem like landscapes through whose heights and depths we can walk, while they are always pervaded by the question of the relation between space and music und not least are characterized by a strongly gestic character. Her tones become an experience which makes their emergence and their passing empirical.

The close collaboration between composer and choreograph will yield in “DEEP FIELD” a full-length piece for which the Stuttgart artist rosalie will undertake to form the optical framework with her very special aesthetic. Beside members of the Düsseldorf Symphonic and guest musicians under Wen-Pin Chien, the WDR Rundfunkchor (West German Radio Choir) will perform, not only one of the most prominent German vocal bodies, but also a choir of especially close familiarity with performances of contemporary works.

(World première)
Martin Schläpfer

MUSIC DEEP FIELD. Zehn KLANGbelichtungen einer METAmorphose. (Ten SOUND-exposures of a METAmorphosis): commissioned work and world première, Adriana Hölszky


In Co-operation with WDR Rundfunkchor Cologne

"DEEP FIELD“ is promoted by Fonds Neues Musiktheater 2014.

Choreographie Martin Schläpfer
Musikalische Leitung Wen-Pin Chien
Medien-Licht-Skulptur & Kostüme  rosalie
Leitung Tonaufnahme und Klangregie Otto Kränzler
Licht Thomas Diek
Chorleitung Denis Comtet
Dramaturgie Anne do Paço
Tänzerinnen Sachika Abe, Ann-Kathrin Adam, Marlúcia do Amaral, Camille Andriot, Doris Becker, Sabrina Delafield, Mariana Dias, Feline van Dijken, Carolina Francisco Sorg, Nathalie Guth, Alexandra Inculet, Christine Jaroszewski, Yuko Kato, So-Yeon Kim, Nicole Morel, Louisa Rachedi, Claudine Schoch, Virginia Segarra Vidal, Elisabeta Stanculescu, Julie Thirault, Irene Vaqueiro
Tänzer Rashaen Arts, Christian Bloßfeld, Andriy Boyetskyy, Paul Calderone, Jackson Carroll, Martin Chaix, Michael Foster, Filipe Frederico, Philip Handschin, Richard Jones, Marquet K. Lee, Sonny Locsin, Alexander McKinnon, Marcos Menha, Bruno Narnhammer, Bogdan Nicula, Chidozie Nzerem, Alban Pinet, Friedrich Pohl, Boris Randzio, Alexandre Simões
Chor WDR Rundfunkchor Köln
Orchester Düsseldorfer Symphoniker



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