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Arche Noah
Benjamin Britten
Theater Duisburg
Saturday, 28. September 2013
18:00 - 19:00 hours
/ Young Audience

Dauer: ca. 75 Minuten, keine Pause
10,00 €
For young audience from 6 years upwards
Children’s Opera with Kinderchor am Rhein
For young audience from 6 years upwards

Dauer: ca. 75 Minuten, keine Pause
God is dissatisfied with mankind’s attitude. They do not appreciate His gift, the earth, sufficiently. For this reason He intends to destroy everything He has created. Only Noah and his family are to be spared. Noah is instructed to build a ship which will save him from the imminent Flood. So he begins work together with his sons. When the water begins to rise, Noah invites his family and one pair of each sort of animal on board his ship. His wife finds it hard to bid farewell to her home, but her sons manage to convince her. A storm builds up over the ship with thunder and lightning and sweeps it into the raging sea. After forty days the weather calms down and Noah releases a raven and a dove to scout out the situation. The raven does not return, but the faithful dove comes back with news of dry land in the form of an olive twig. As a sign of the reconciliation of God with mankind a rainbow appears in the sky.

To this Biblical story Benjamin Britten composed a church play with music in 1958. It was originally intended for performance in a church, but the Kinderchor am Rhein will perform it on the large stage of the Duisburg Theater. The children and youngsters will be given support by members of the company and the Duisburg Philharmonic. The public will be sitting on the stage too and will therefore be following the action very closely.
In German

Musikalische Leitung Karoline Philippi
Inszenierung Volker Böhm
Bühne Jan Hugenroth
Kostüme Alice Nierentz
Chorleitung Karoline Philippi
Noah Bruno Balmelli
Noahs Frau Katarzyna Kuncio
Stimme Gottes Peter Nikolaus Kante
Orchester Duisburger Philharmoniker


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