(c) Frank Heller
Tag der Offenen Tür
Theater Duisburg
Sunday, 15. September 2013
11:00 hours

Free Entrance
After the first Haniel Klassik Open Air the big stage in front of the theatre will be the venue for a summer weekend full of music, dance, participation features and surprises for young and old!

Sunday will be an Open House Day – to inspect the theatre from the basement costume store to the old painting hall on the top floor. The guided tour this time is planned to take visitors right across the main stage itself! On the Opernplatz outside there will be action all day: various theatre, dance and choral formations with demonstrate their prowess and encourage the public to join in with song and dance. For a costume auction cabaret star Kai Magnus Sting will again function as auctioneer with opera tailcoat and top-hat. And to crown the opening weekend, the trio CrossOper and soloists of Deutsche Oper am Rhein will prove that they know their way around in Swing, Jazz and Pop. – Admission free!


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